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anljeducation's Journal

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A community where you can get information on things, mostly current events, that you don't understand. The idea is that if you have a question you can ask it and hopefully someone will answer; and that if someone asks a question that you know the answer to, you'll answer them in turn. In my dream world, vibrant discussion and a mutual sense of having come together to share information and better understand world politics will result.


1. Anyone can post a question.
1a. Though this community is committed to the idea that there's no such thing as a stupid question (see Rule #10), we recognize that sometimes people may feel embarrassed about not having a knowledge base on a subject that they believe everyone understands except them. Know that if you're confused, someone else likely is - but if you'd like info but you're embarrassed to ask, feel free to email slammerkinbabe at livejournal dot com with your question, and she will post it, keeping your anonymity.

2. Anyone can answer a question.
2a. Questions can be answered in the comments to the entry in which they are asked, or, if the answer gets long, they can be answered in a new post. If you are answering in a new post, please comment on the original entry with a link to your post, so that the questioner knows you've responded.
2b. If you don't know the answer to a question when it is posted, but you're interested in learning and you have time to do the research, you're welcome to do that, of course. If you mention that you researched a question in order to answer it, we will give you a gold star or a cookie or something.
2c. When you post an answer, providing links for further information is very, very much appreciated.
2d. Partial answers - "I don't know much about the subject in general, but I can tell you that... [insert specific bit of info on sub-topic]" - are welcome. You definitely don't have to be a certified expert on a subject before you post regarding it.

3. Sourcing your answers is really really nice, if you can do it. If you can't, please explain how you came by the knowledge you are imparting. If it's "something I heard somewhere, like from my cousin or something", it's still okay to share, but please tell us that.

4. You are welcome to post links pointing someone in the general right direction to find an answer if you haven't the time or knowledge to supply a full answer yourself.

5. Before you post a question, please check the memories to see if your question has already been asked. All posts to the community will be archived in the memories.

6. When you post answers, there's no need to be dry and academic about it. Part of the reason that I created this community is that I think it would be neat to have answers presented in a colloquial, engaging style - more like a discussion among friends than an encyclopedia entry.

7. If someone posts an answer and you believe it is factually inaccurate, please refute and give your reasons for doing so, but NO FLAMING. See Rule #9.

8. If you post a question and no one answers, and you later do your own research and find your own answer, why, it would be just super if you'd make a post containing your answer. Don't assume no one else is interested; in all likelihood, your question sparked curiosity among at least some of the members, and if they didn't answer it's because they don't know the answer. They're probably interested in hearing what it is as well.

9. This is not a community for political debate, per se. If political debates come up in the context of information-sharing they will be allowed to toddle along quite happily, so long as they do not turn flamey. slammerkinbabe, your community maintainer, has a very low tolerance for internet flamewars - they give her hives - and if she sees a conversation going flamewards, she will ask the involved parties, once, to simmer down and play nice. If they do not, she will shut down the thread. Repeated flamey behavior will lead to bannings, but please do not make her do that, because she prefers doing nice things like baking cupcakes to doing mean things like banning people from LJ communities.
9a. Some notes on the posting of questions. Sometimes people may phrase questions in a way that seems offensive to you, as someone who has more information than the person posting the question. Like, someone might say, for example, "Can someone explain to me why there's this huge debate about illegal immigration in the US? What they're doing is illegal, why not just send them all back where they came from?" Your impulse may be to respond angrily or dismissively. Please don't - not in response to a first question, anyway. Sometimes ignorance on a particular subject may lead to someone's also being ignorant of why their statement (or question, as the case may be) might give offense. If this happens, please do the courtesy of telling the person, POLITELY, why their question might be considered offensive, and give your point of view RESPECTFULLY. If the person continues on in a manner that seems to you to be disrespectful, offensive or trollish, email me at slammerkinbabe at livejournal dot com and I will deal with it.
9b. On the flip side of the coin, when you're posting a question regarding something that you know to be controversial, please do try to phrase your question neutrally. If you accidentally say something that offends someone, it's all right, but for the sake of everyone's blood pressure, tread a little carefully around sensitive subjects.

10. No one's question is stupid. Let me repeat: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION IN THIS COMMUNITY. Really. If someone asks "What's the deal with Israel? They're at war with someone, right? Like Pakistan or something?" - that is not a stupid question. If someone says "I don't get what the UN is - is it a country or what?", that's still not a stupid question. Every question that gets posted here is a reflection of someone's desire to learn about an issue they're unfamiliar with. The only thing this community will regard as stupid is willful ignorance.

I think that's it. Let's learn stuff!